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YCDI! Education was first developed for secondary students.

Helps students cope with stress of exams, schoolwork, relationships.

Supports students mental health.

Overcomes blockers of anxiety, feeling down, anger, procrastination.

Confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, resilience.

Teaches students how to change the way they think.

Program Achieve Secondary. A Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum (years 7 – 10)

Schools asked Dr Michael Bernard to create a curriculum to develop the personal and social capabilities now spelt out in the Australian national curriculum. A program that secondary teachers can present across an entire school year. Together with a team of teachers, Michael developed Program Achieve Secondary.

The 5th edition of this program now includes SEL brain-based activities that develop students’ wellbeing skills to strengthen their emotional self-management and self-motivation, dramatically impacting their wellbeing and achievement.

Activities take around 20 minutes of class time to present to students and can be offered flexibly throughout the school week.

Read more about the importance of brain-based activities.

You Can Do It! Education programs have been independently reviewed and are listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation.

The You Can Do It! Education Resource Book

The You Can Do It! Education Resource Book – What it is. Why we need it. How to do it.
is a must-have collection of downloadable, shareable resources for educators that support, energise and build competence in social-emotional learning.

This comprehensive collection of 80+ YCDI! Insights include brief articles on how to use YCDI!s Program Achieve curriculum, best classroom and school-wide practices, surveys, posters, award certificates, parent education, overcoming student social-emotional difficulties, implementation guidelines and much more!

It is an invaluable online resource ideal for teachers wishing to learn more about explaining and teaching students positive attitudes and social-emotional skills.

Unsurprisingly, evaluations of social and emotional learning programs reveal that for a maximum number of students to be positively affected by SEL programs, SEL must occur beyond just the regular teaching of lessons from SEL curricula (e.g., Program Achieve).

The Successful Mind for School, Work and Life: Leader’s Guide – Secondary years 9 – 12

Dr Michael Bernard reviewed what the research has revealed as the elements or capabilities of the mental make-up of upper-level, high performing, emotionally healthy students with positive relationships.

Michael designed this 10-session program that fits comfortably in the packed upper-secondary, school timetable.

The digital Leader’s Guide contains background information and a session plan needed to conduct each of the 10 sessions.

The Successful Mind for School, Work and Life: Student Handbook – Secondary years 9 – 12

This Student Handbook is a requirement for all students participating in The Successful Mind for School, Work and Life course.

It contains a variety of content, activity worksheet students complete during each session, a variety of tips and individual action plans completed after a session.

I have been a keen advocate of the YCDI program for over 15 years introducing it into 2 schools and absolutely love it. The benefits are astounding. I have also used the parent program in past years which has also been fabulous. I am absolutely committed to raising the profile of the program at The Lakes College and we are all very keen to explore the new program.
Sharon Lollback
The Lakes College, Qld
Accepting Myself. How to Help Young People Feel Worthwhile No Matter What (ages 9 -16+)

This program includes 12-month access to a three-part, online eLearning program that takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Accepting Myself, also known as self-acceptance, is an engaging, innovative, social and emotional eLearning student intervention program. Students learn a psychological superpower to feel worthwhile no matter what!

For ages 9 -16+, this eLearning program is not a game. It incorporates the latest developments in online, interactive instructional technology.

Throughout the three parts, students engage with interactive activities that help personalise and learn a psychological superpower to feel worthwhile no matter what! The student program takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete and provides students with a downloadable tool kit to keep.

Unfortunately, many young people have a well-developed tendency to take things personally – so much so that they lose sight of their positive features.

As a result of participating in the program, students will develop a capacity to change self-criticism (taking things personally) to self-acceptance.

Includes 12-month access to the three-part student program, leaders’ resources, and parent guide.

Bullying – The Power to Cope (years 4 – 9)

Based on the latest research in cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) this program was developed to meet a need.

This program helps students when being teased or bullied to re-structure their stress-creating, extremely negative self-talk (ways of thinking) to more moderate, less stress-producing self-talk.

Students learn the importance of not taking anti-social behaviour personally and that they can tolerate different forms of bullying, including cyber-bullying.

Published research conducted at the University of Melbourne shows the program’s powerful impact.

Independently reviewed and listed in the Beyond Blue Be You Programs Directory.

Explainer Video: Resilience for students, parents and teachers
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