The You Can Do It! Education Team

An amazing team that has contributed over the years to our ongoing development.

You Can Do It! Education

You Can Do It! Education was created as a school-home social-emotional learning program (Australia’s first!) by Michael and Patricia Bernard.

Dr Michael E. Bernard. Founder of You Can Do It! Education

Michael Bernard

Founder, Professor

Patricia Bernard

Managing Director

Samantha Tassie

Marketing, LMS Technical Support

Tammy-Anne Caldwell

Curriculum Developer, Neuroscience Specialist, YCDI! Education Trainer, Classroom Teacher

Jane King

Administrative Support Specialist

Margaret Milne

Classroom Teacher, Social-Emotional Learning, YCDI! Education Trainer

Michelle Beecroft

Graphic & Web Designer

Learning Design Specialists

A team of highly talented and experienced teachers, school principals, psychologists, special educators, consultants and parents continue to contribute to the development of YCDI! Education.

Heather Leary, Robert Steventon, Leah Koen, Grace Herrera, Brendan Cupitt, Tara Murphy, Meg Roach, Brian Bamford, Michelle Flowers-Smith, Andrea Strudwick, Roger Roberts, Kirsty Bedford, Chelsea Challman, Elisha McDonald, Estelle Salagaras, Jessica Saunders, Sujata Symons

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