School Parent Education Programs

Parent education has always been seen as crucial.

Programs based on latest research on best parenting practice.

YCDI! has always supported school-home collaboration.

YCDI! Positive Parent Online Program
YCDI! Positive Parent Program: Online Annual School Membership

There are many ways schools can provide parent education and guidance through school-home links.

The YCDI! Positive Parent Program (online) was developed to provide parents in your school community with a variety of eLearning programs, articles and audio-visual resources that parents can access at home in their own time when needed some of which they can view and discuss with their children.

Investing in Parents - Parent Education program for you school
Investing in Parents (parent education classes to offer at your school)

A tremendous resource for schools to offer their parent community are parent education classes offered at school during or most commonly after school hours.
Investing in Parents provides all the information and support material a staff member or consultant needs to conduct highly informative, interactive and enjoyable sessions with a group of parents. Sample sessions include:

  • Social-Emotional Learning at Home
  • The Parenting Style that Matters Most
  • Stress Management and Resilience (for parents)
Coaching Teachers and Parents to Build Social-Emotional Strengths of Students
Coaching Teachers and Parents to Build Social-Emotional Strengths of Students with Achievement, Behaviour and Mental Health Issues

This resource is written for those educators and mental health practitioners who have responsibility for the development of plans and programs for individual students of all ages who have behaviour problems, under-achieve and/or worry excessively.

Investigations by Michael Bernard and international researchers have revealed these students have been found to demonstrate developmental delays in their social-emotional development; specifically, this group of students have been found to lack confidence, persistence, resilience, organisation and getting along skills. Parents require a skill-set in order to build the SELs of their children. This resource helps coach parents of identified/referred students in steps to take to build their social-emotional strengths at home.

I can remember my mother coming home from a parent information night from my high school (Templestowe High School in Melbourne) with a signed copy of the book “You can do it!: What every student (and parent) should know about success in school and life”, by Michael E. Bernard and Darko J. Hajzler. I was in year 11 at school at the time and was really struggling with the higher demands that year 11 involved. I remember going through the book, sceptical at first, but then becoming really engaged. For some reason this book really made sense to me and struck a chord with me about the tools to be a success not only in school, but in life. Eventually I got through year 11 and 12, went on to university and even completed my PhD. Thirty years later, my son is in the senior years of high school and to help him with his struggles I am looking again to the ‘You Can Do It’ program to help my son. I can think of no better resource.
Andrew Jellis


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