The You Can Do It! Education
Social and Emotional Learning Framework

The You Can Do It! Social-Emotional Learning Framework includes social-emotional blockers, positive and negative attitudes and social-emotional skills.

This framework developed by Michael Bernard and his colleagues forms the basis of our YCDI! Education programs. The framework addresses the aspects of the psychological functioning of young people that lead to poor learning, behaviour, social and emotional outcomes. Negative Attitudes and under-developed Character (values and strengths) help create five Social-Emotional Blockers. Additionally, the framework represents the Positive Attitudes and Character (values, strengths) that support five essential Social-Emotional Skills all contributing to positive outcomes.

In the following video Michael explains the framework in greater detail.

Research on the use of You Can Do It! Education

Research published over the past decade continues to report the positive impact of You Can Do It! Education on the mental health, wellbeing, achievement, behaviour and positive relationships.

You can read several of these research articles here.

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