12. YCDI! Education Early Childhood Hand Puppets


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Set of 5 cloth character hand puppets featured in the 01. Program Achieve Early Childhood:
Connie Confidence, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organisation, Gabby Get Along and Ricky Resilience.

Suitable for ages 3+.

"The puppets and teaching resources support learning and development, the puppets especially provide many benefits to the children. When I use the puppets the children are more calm, relaxed and show more interest as it encourages creative play and it does wonders for their emotional, physical and social development. For some children, it helps to support their communication skills by using the puppets to interact with other children, which in turn helps even the shy children to do some role modelling and express themselves. Children also get to engage with the puppets, supporting their motor development. The stories provided are a creative and child-friendly way to explore behaviour through the puppets."
Rose Kelly
Director, Windsor Community Children's Centre Co-op

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