01. Program Achieve Early Childhood (ages 3 – 6+) with PD course


Annual Digital Subscription (GST inclusive)
Program Achieve is a Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum for children ages 3 – 6+, including Foundation/Prep years
This extremely popular program teaches the positive attitudes and social-emotional skills that develop young children’s resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and getting along.

This program has two short animations that introduce young children to Ricky Resilience, Connie Confidence, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organisation and Gabby Get Along. A first-time subscription purchase includes one set of hand puppets of these 5 characters.
Now includes a professional development course (70+ slides).

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Dr Michael E. Bernard


Kristy Bedford, Chelsea Challman, Leah Koen, Heather Leary, Jessica Saunders, Patricia Bernard and Tara Murphy

Target Audience

Teachers of young children 3-6 years+ in Early Learning, Kindergarten, Preschool or Foundation Year


5th Edition includes

Brain-based social-emotional learning activities developed by Tammy-Anne Caldwell, one of Australia’s leading educational neuroscience specialist teachers now incorporated into lessons.

why brain-based activities helps students learn

Understanding ‘how and why’ different learning tasks help or hinder the abilities of our students’ brains is enormously empowering as a teacher. To learn what neuroscience has revealed about how the brain influences students’ learning and discover the science behind the learning activities that form part of the You Can Do It! Education Program Achieve lessons read our technical report.

Program details

32 weekly lessons
(8 lessons per school term) with each lesson consisting of learning intentions and success criteria. All lessons also contain suggestions for teaching younger children (ages 3 – 4) in each lesson.
Aligned with the ACARA Personal and Social Capability learning continuum
Lessons teach young children the Personal and Social Capabilities as described in the ACARA Personal and Social Capability learning continuum for Foundation Year and are listed at the beginning of each lesson.
Revised and updated Teacher Guide
Provides a background to the program and now including new Best Practices for Creating a You Can Do It! Learning Environment.
YCDI! Quick Reference Cards
Downloadable reference cards for Teaching Social-Emotional Skills in Early Childhood
An updated booklist for each of the 5 social-emotional skills
Provides a list of books that have characters demonstrating the 5 social-emotional skills. A total of 215 books listed.
“We are really finding the new online renewed program a lot more engaging to implement. We have been doing the YCDI! program for many years…I love how the program is targeted developmentally appropriately for our early childhood years, rare and good to be catered for!”
Bronwyn Banfield
Early Childhood Teacher, South Ballajura Primary School​​


05. You Can Do It! Education Resource Book: What it is. Why we need it. How to do it.

You Can Do It! Education Program Achieve Early Childhood character hand puppets included with first year purchase. 5 characters representing the 5 SELs: Connie Confidence, Gabby Get Along, Oscar Organisation, Pete Persistence, Ricky Resilience
12. YCDI! Education Hand Puppets
Are you keeping calm? Emotional Thermometer poster

13. Emotional Thermometer Poster 

How Bad is it Really? Catastrophe Scale poster

14. Catastrophe Scale Poster

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