15. Poster – The Strength of Self-Acceptance (5 per pack)

$80.00 includes GST

Includes 5 copies of the Strength of Self-Acceptance Poster, GST and free shipping Australia-wide.

This horizontal poster depicts 8 common stressful situations encountered by students of all ages that can create stress, including feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Students are encouraged to internalise the attitude of Self-Acceptance (“I am me, and that’s OK”), an important element of the psychological armour needed for strong resilience. Self-acceptance inoculates students, leading to protection from adversity, and is the cornerstone attitude for preventing and reducing mental health problems and enhancing wellbeing and flourishing.

Each poster measures 59cm long and 84cm wide. The posters are folded and mailed in an A4 post bag. Posters can be laminated for display.


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