The You Can Do It! Early Childhood Program Achieve:
Feedback Form

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    Age of children you teach (select all that apply)

    What is the socioeconomic background of the majority of your children?

    How often do you teach the YCDI! Early Childhood Program Achieve curriculum?

    Which of the following sessions in the Parent Guide have you presented to your parents?

    Have you completed the Survey of Young Children’s Social-Emotional Skills on any of your children?

    Indicate the percentage of your children that show a benefit from the YCDI! Early Childhood Program on the following learning outcomes found in the Early Years Learning Framework?

    Helps children develop a strong sense of identity.

    Helps children connect with and contribute to their world.

    Helps children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

    Helps children become confident and involved learners.

    Helps children become effective communicators.

    What overall rating would you give this program?

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