P04. YCDI! Positive Parent Program for parents of adolescents ages 11 – 18

$29.95 includes GST

For home use only (12-month access)

This resource for parents of adolescents includes access to a large variety of informative eLearning programs on positive and effective parenting. Downloadable articles present information on important parenting topics, and there are 8 motivational, confidence and resilience-building audio podcasts children and adolescents can listen to or view on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.


5 Short eLearning Parenting Programs

  1. The Power of Parent Self-Talk
  2. Flourishing Tree: Fun and empowering actions to help children thrive
  3. “I accept myself no matter what”: The important message that protects children
  4. Homework: Helping parents to motivate their child to do homework
  5. A Family Discusses the Five Keys to Success and Happiness

2 Longer, elearning Parenting Programs

  1. The Five Keys to Children’s Success and Happiness
  2. The Parenting Strengths of Highly Effective Parents

9 Parent Insight Articles

  1. Becoming a happy, flourishing parent
  2. Parenting strengths that make a difference
  3. Namby-Pamby Kids, Highly Anxious Parents
  4. The Two-Way Conversation: How to Talk and Listen
  5. Development of social and emotional strengths
  6. Steps to Parents managing stress
  7. Effective parenting in a digital world
  8. Children’s Positive Attitudes
  9. Flourishing Menu: daily actions

This item is for individual home/parent use only. 

Schools and Organisations, please see our Education Resources for school-based parent education.


Dr Michael E. Bernard and Patricia C. Bernard

Target Audience

Parents and guardians of adolescents aged 11 – 18 years



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