10. Parent Talks


At your school, a YCDI! Education Trainer can present a parent education session to groups of parents/caregivers of children of all ages. These engaging and informative presentations include handouts, discussion and interactive activities.

Schools are invited to select a presentation from the following list

Positive parents

  • Presentation 1: The parenting style that matters most: “authoritative”
  • Presentation 2: Avoiding common mistakes that parents make
  • Presentation 3: Parent stress management and resilience

Effective parents

  • Presentation 4: The capabilities of highly effective parents
  • Presentation 5: Developing positive relationships with your children
  • Presentation 6: How to be involved in your children’s education
  • Presentation 7: Manage homework: what to do and not to do
  • Presentation 8: Provide activities that accommodate children’s interests
  • Presentation 9: How to motivate your children

Positive children

  • Presentation 10: Children’s social-emotional learning at home (parents communicate and support five social-emotional skills) – most popular
  • Presentation 11: Character education at home - values and strengths
Target AudienceParents & Guardians of children of all ages
Delivery60-90 minute sessions offered during or after school/early evening by a YCDI! Education Trainer
Price*$495 per session
*Price does not include travel expenses for Trainer
BookingContact You Can Do It! Education
Toll Free 1800 155 603

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